Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Coos and Ewes by Hamilton Kerr

Surrounded by three beautiful Angus Glen's, Kirriemuir is the ideal location for our photography base. We have been lucky enough to capture some of the local sheep and cattle in various seasons.  All of these photographs and more are available to order from our studio at 2 High Street, Kirriemuir Angus. With various sizes to suit all budgets.

Ewes in Glen Clova.
These curious girls show how dense their wool is in the blowing wind.

These Rams in Clova are posing perfectly beneath this old tree. 
The herringbone patterns of these curled, spiraled horns are 

3 Highland Cows in Glen Prosen, Angus. You can almost hear the middle one Moo!!

Above:  black and white photograph of these cows at Kinordy Nature Reserve. When you remove the colour from these impressive animals, you are drawn to the texture of their coats. So thick, with great fringes over their faces. This group of cattle will definitely feature in future works. 

Inspired by the great painter Joseph Farquharson, Kyle has created this image as an homage to his great works and studies of sheep. His use of light and tone is absolutely inspiring........

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into some of the Coos and Ewes that we have captured. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to enquire about our work. Thanks.